Saturday, January 31, 2009

The First Meetings!

Sunday, January 3oth--We have had 2 meetings already! The "road" to Narayanagudem, the village where we are holding the meetings, is a very loose term. Think the worst road you've ever travelled! Think an hour's worth of continuous potholes, and washboard made more interesting by the constant swerving to avoid 40,000 pound trucks, autocabs, bull carts, goats, pigs, cattle, water buffalo, motorcycles, and pedestrians, and a challenging short stretch of narrow dirt road that has a 10 foot drop-off into a huge canal on one side, and an 8 foot drop into a ditch on the other! Last night on the way home, we were stopped on a bridge under construction where 2 huge trucks going the opposite direction were in the middle where neither could pass, and neither wanted to back up! Finally one gave in!
Our meeting site is next to the church the Whiting, Maine congregation built 3 years ago! It was wonderful to see many of our village friends from our meetings in 2005, and to see how they have grown in the Lord! We were welcomed with the customary garlands of jasmine and marigolds. So far Phil and Brenda have preached, Krista and Judy have told the children's story, and Nancy and Brian the Health Talk. A crowd of about 200 were there the 2nd night. The kids are just as enthusiastic and full of life as usual. It is great to sing and pray with them. Keep praying more and more will come. Our pastors and Bible workers are doing a good job.

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