Thursday, January 29, 2009

The New School!

Thursday, January 29th--I have to tell you about the wonderful new school that is being built in our area because of the churches that have been developed in the Miryalguda area. Our team from Northern New England built 10 in 2005, thanks to the generosity of many of you. A wealthy SDA Korean man donated $100,000 for the land for a school that was the vision of Pastor Bob Robinson and the Conference President here, Pastor P.J. It is great to have churches and Bible workers in the villages, but it is very important to have a place where the children can grow up in a Christian educational system. With further donations the building of the school began in October of 2007. It is amazing to see the progress already,and even though it is unfinished, classes began for lower and upper Kindergarden, and grades 1-4 this year with 6 teachers! They meet in the ist floor of the 3 story educational building-- the 2nd story is under construction now. The cafeteria/ girls' dorm is almost finished, and a 4-plex to house faculty is also under construction. The principal is a Godly, humble man we have met before. You should see the kids sing and pray, and they are so well behaved! They are living in several of the classrooms, and are sleeping on a concrete floor! We took lots of pictures (maybe I can learn how to add photos to the blog next year!) Brian helped the boys put new playground equipment in place! We brought 2 huge stalks of bananas (180 bananas to a stalk!), and gave each of the children a toothbrush, and plan to give Beanie Babies and Matchbox cars in later visits. They are learning English and are eager to test it out on us! We are committed to helping out in this wonderful endeavor, to see the school grow and prosper. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child from one of our 5 villages, please let is know, and we will give you the details. It would be a great blessing to them- this is an opportunity most would never get.

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