Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Have Arrived!

Hello to family and friends! It is Wednesday, January 28th, and we are getting settled in our rooms in Miryalguda, Andhra Pradesh, and are mostly over jet lag. We are in the same hotel and town as 2005, and not a lot has changed! The memories are coming back--only cold showers--if you want hot water, it's the bucket bath; frequent power outages; the pigs rooting in the garbage across the street; the little Ganesh (elephant god) shrine in the hotel lobby; not a lot of choices of places to eat (where we won't get sick!); lots of dust; we are a spectacle where ever we go--very few Americans in this town! There are blessings, though--haven't seen a cockroach yet; the hotel is relatively clean; we have air conditioning in our rooms (sometimes); and the hotel managers are very cordial.
The most exciting thing is that we have the 2 pastors we requested that we have worked with before, and love very much! We are going to be in the same 5 villages as 2005, so will see a lot of old friends, and are told there are many studying with the Bible workers. We begin our meetings tomorrow night, so please pray for us that God can use us to rightly represent Him and show His love.

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