Monday, February 2, 2009

Ibrahimpatnam School

I have to tell you about our visit on Sabbath to the Ibrahimpatnam SDA School, about 3 hours from Miryalguda. So much has changed in the years since we were there last! It has grown--457 girl boarders, 400 boy boarders, and 400 day students in pre Kindergarten thru 10th standard, which is the equivalent of our 12th grade! There are several new dorms, new housing, paved sidewalks, and a second story on the main building. We were able to see several of the students present and former team members have sponsored--that was great! The kids did the Sabbath School, Harry preached for the younger students, and Brian preached to the older ones and adults. How they can sing! We spent 9 hours in the bus that day. It was a long trip, but worth every bumpy kilometer!

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